Longevity Project Australia™

The Science Of Living Better For Longer.

Musculoskeletal pain and chronic health problems shouldn’t define us. Longevity Project Australia™ offers a holistic, science-driven blueprint to living a longer, healthier life and returning to all the activities you love most. 

Make the choice to start living better, today!

People Who Have Trusted Us With Their Health & Wellbeing

Longevity Project Australia™

The Crisis We Can't Ignore...

Sure, we’re living longer, but are we really living better? Thanks to modern tech and medicine, we’ve added years to our lives, but too often, those extra years are filled with pain and poor health. The two main culprits? Musculoskeletal pain and chronic diseases. The good news? You have the power to change this. Don’t wait—your healthier, happier life starts NOW.

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Living with MSK conditions
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Years of healthy life lost
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Deaths due to NCD's
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Will experience back pain
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Aussies >1 chronic conditions
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Don't exercise enough
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Don't eat enough fruit / veg
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Longevity Project Australia™

Ready to take back control of your health?

“The cause of most disease is we eat too much and move too little. Why more people don’t realise this is beyond my comprehension” – Stephen Hawking. 

The secret to living better for longer lies in our ability to prevent, delay, and even reverse the effects of musculoskeletal pain and chronic disease and become active participants in our lives again! That’s where we come in. 

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Longevity Project Australia™

how it works


The thought of starting a health journey can be incredibly overwhelming. By finding out what’s holding you back and creating a clear path forwards for you, the complete clarity this gives you creates confidence and endless motivation. 


Success is a team sport. Not only do we collaborate with you, but we collaborate within our own business. That’s what’s unique about us. You get access to a team of experts all working together to guide you towards your goals.


We’re fully aware that when you work with Health Professionals, you spend 0.03% of your week with them. The key to creating a successful and sustainable health transformation is how well we can teach you how to get results for yourself.


Payment Plans Available
$ 2,500
6-month full access
  • 90min Initial Consultation
  • Personalised Health Plan
  • Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support
  • Extra 1:1 Support 1st 4 Weeks
  • Weekly Check-Ins (SMS/Email)


Payment Plans Available
$ 4,000
6-month full access
  • Includes ALL COACHING Plus:
  • Integrative Team Access
  • 1:1 Sleep Specialist Support
  • 1:1 Sports Dietitian Support


Payment Plans Available
$ 5,499
6-month full access
  • Includes ALL HOLISTIC Plus:
  • DNA & Biomarker Testing
  • Lab Test Result Analysis
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner

Longevity Project Australia™

Real People. Real Results.

Matt has been a wonderful coach to partner with. Over the last three years he has been fundamental to enhancing my physical health and wellbeing. He is a great person to boot!

Mark. 45. VIC

Matt’s wealth of experience and knowledge of health, anatomy, exercise rehabilitation and nutrition is far beyond your average coach. He cares about each individual client and is thoroughly invested in their health goals.

The way he plans, sets and assists in achieving goals, makes him one of the best health professionals out there.

Renee. 30. VIC

I have had chronic injuries which have prevented me from running, something that I really really love! Previous Osteo’s/physios have suggested I look for an alternative sport - however Matt has worked with me to rebuild strength and improve my mobility and get me back to doing what I love! My hip and back pain has decreased very quickly and I haven’t felt this good in years!

Hannah. 33. VIC

Matt is fantastic. He really takes the time to understand you and then work with you to achieve your goals. He's super patient and ensures that you achieve the optimal outcomes. Thank you for all that you do Matt!

Heshan. 37. VIC

Longevity Project Australia™

People who have trusted us with their health and wellbeing...

Over 15 years of coaching, webinars and workshops we’ve been lucky enough to work with authors, supercar drivers, Brownlow medal favourites, global CEOs, military personnel, police officers, firefighter recruits, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs, scientists, international athletes, researchers, PhD students, personal trainers, Vietnam Veterans, dancers, IT gurus, psychologists and many many more!