Fix Back Pain Now – 10 Unavoidable Truths

A Quick Snapshot

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in over 160 countries. It’s stealing up to 13.5 years of good years of life from us and the healthcare system is not doing a good job at slowing this trend down. Something needs to change. It’s not your fault, for your entire life you’ve been told scary stories by GP’s, specialists, physio’s, osteo’s, your local PT or your massage therapist.

You’ve been led to believe that all back pain means something is seriously wrong, resting is the best option and if rest doesn’t work then it’s time to take more pills until your surgery is booked in. This is all wrong. How do we know? Because it’s not working. 

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my biggest unavoidable truths about back pain.


Things you can do yourself have more impact and more benefits than anything somebody else does to you. Your health and your happiness are two things you can’t outsource to somebody else. You can try (and I’m sure you have) but these come down to you. Accept that early on and you’ll save a lot of time, effort and money.


Back pain kicks in because, at a physiological level, your body can’t handle what you were asking it to do. When you push so far outside your comfort zone, eventually your body pushes back.


Back pain has so many contributing factors that 90-95% of the time it’s not even possible to determine the exact cause. Why is that great news for you? Because for 90-95% of you, it means you have almost an unlimited amount of ways you can influence your back pain.


When you hurt your back doing something simple like tying your shoelace, don’t blame the shoelace. Blame the 70-hour workweeks, endless emails, toxic social media, demanding new boss, lack of sleep, feelings of guilt for not taking better care of yourself etc. All of this is bubbling under the surface at a physiological level until your body pushes back.


You will fix a lot of problems (including most back pain cases) by focusing on improving your overall health. The healthier you are, the more physiological stress you can cope with.


Think about everything you’ve tried so far. The massages, cupping, needling, painkillers on and on. You’ve been told the wrong story about these tools. They don’t solve the problem, they just allow you to solve it yourself. Tools designed for pain exist to enable physical activity, NOT to eliminate pain. They’re the gateway drug into the good stuff: exercise. And nobody can do that for you.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a sudden injury or ongoing, chronic back pain. The first step of management in the “Gold Standard” recommendations is to stay as active as possible. The “rest” phase shouldn’t be any longer than 2-3 days at most.


Pain is always real and never just “in your head” but how you think and feel about your back pain can be one of your most powerful tools. You can feel better almost instantly when you learn how to remove the extra layers of fear, stress, worry, anxiety and frustration that you’ve been adding on top of your soreness.


If you hurt yourself doing a particular movement, you need to accept that one day you’ll have to do that again. You’re a robust human being and you can’t keep removing certain moves throughout the day. The very thing that injured you is going to be your secret weapon for making sure it never happens again.


The amount that something hurts is a horrible indicator of telling us what’s wrong or how much trouble we’re in. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe on the coffee table or gotten a papercut you know what I’m talking about. You’re not in danger, but they hurt like hell! On the contrary, I’m sure you’ve found a mystery bruise at some point (which is a clear sign of tissue damage) and it’s so painless you didn’t notice it.

If you’ve been dealing with back pain for over 3 months now and you’re struggling to get to the bottom of it, I’m always happy to have a chat. As somebody who has personally gone through ongoing back pain for years I can understand how frustrating and impactful it can be. I don’t want anybody else to unnecessarily suffer for any longer than they have to. Click the link at the top of the page and book a FREE CHAT.  

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