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Has back pain completely crushed your confidence, leaving you constantly frustrated and stressed out? Let us show you how to take back control and self-manage. 

 Dr Matt Corbin is especially passionate about chronic low back pain after 15 years of personal and professional experience managing back issues. 

Longevity Project Australia™ 

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Longevity Project Australia™ brings you our 3-step blueprint to overcome back pain for good. Designed by Dr Matt Corbin who has 15 years experience both personally & professionally with chronic back pain recovery.

  • 10 unavoidable back pain truths
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Our Back Pain Clinic – Blackburn South

how it works


An in-depth discussion of your health history helps us start putting pieces of the puzzle together so we can get to the real issue why you haven’t had rehab success so far.


Once we’ve used neurological and orthopaedic tests to rule out the nasty stuff – it’s time to perform a thorough movement and strength screen using our world-class testing equipment.


We’re not your typical Osteopath. Whilst we occasionally use modalities like cupping, dry-needling and electrotherapy our focus is on what YOU can do to self-manage pain.

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We Assess, We Don't Guess...

We use our state-of-the-art testing equipment usually reserved for elite professional sporting clubs to really identity the movement or strength deficiencies that may be contributing to your persistent back pain.

As part of your consultation, you get a simple PDF report highlighting what should be your training and rehab focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the most commonly asked questions about our Back Pain Clinic below.


What happens in my first back pain consult?

As part of your initial consultation you’ll be asked to fill in a brief questionnaire PRIOR to attending your session. This saves us time in-person and allows us to focus on assessment. After a 20-30min discussion, diving deep into your back pain history, previous efforts and discussion of symptoms we’ll move onto the assessment.

We’re very conscious that back pain can be quite scary, many people have been avoiding movement for months (or years) before attending our clinic. We do a thorough neurological and orthopaedic screen first, to rule out any potential serious issues. Once we’re confident you’re safe to move – we start our movement screen.

We’re looking to find patterns between your symptoms and movement restrictions to help build a picture that explains why you’re still feeling pain. Our second component of the assessment involves using our world-class AxIT System to find any asymmetries, deficiencies or imbalances in your movements or strength. By combining your case history with movement and strength imbalances we help put the puzzle pieces together and formulate a personalised plan for your back pain recovery.

Please bring comfortable active wear, a water bottle and a towel to your initial appointment. There is movement involved and whilst it’s not “a workout” sometimes it can feel like that if you’ve been inactive for a while!

Also please bring any previous tests or scan results you have access to for us to have a look at.

There is typically no treatment during an initial consultation. This is because you’ve likely already had 100’s of treatments, we are more focused on finding the root cause and providing you with self-management tools so you no longer need to rely on treatment to make it through your week. 

Similar to above, as we are focused on self-care and self-management we rarely manipulate or crack the spine. In follow-up appointments that may involve short periods of treatment, we typically focus on modalities such as cupping, dry-needling, electrotherapy and mobilisation. We find these produce better results with far less risk and post-treatment soreness.

During your first consultation we will highlight the focus areas for you based on your case history and assessment. Many of our back pain clients sign on to our Signature program – Longevity Project™ and we work closely with them for 6-months to help them move more, hurt less and take back control of their health. 

We understand that some patients simply want to touch base every 6-8 weeks. Our follow-up appointments involve a re-assessment and treatment if needed – these are 45min appointments.


How much do appointments cost?

As of March 2024, Initial consultations cost $227.00 for a full 90min assessment. 

Return or follow-up consultations are $117.00 for 45min.

As of March 2024, depending on your specific cover, you can claim your consultation (under Osteopathy) on your Private Health Insurance. Please consult your specific provider to confirm. In order to claim, you will be provided an invoice post-appointment which you can use to simply claim through your provider app. 

Payment for consultations is made online at the point of booking. It is done through our payment provider Stripe. We understand some people are hesitant to pay for an appointment prior to attending, however we’ve noticed that this reduces no-shows or cancellations.

If you are hesitant to pay at the time of booking, we encourage you to book a free 30min call instead. This ensures we are the right fit for you and we can answer any questions you may have. 


Where is the clinic located?

The clinic address is:

Shop 1/11 Indra Rd, Blackburn South VIC 3130
(You’ll see the sign on the door!)

Typical hours of operation are 7am – 5pm Monday-Friday

However, we are an appointment-only based clinic so please book ahead.

Yes – There is FREE all day parking available right outside the clinic.

As we are a small, appointment-only based clinic we do not currently have a reception area. Please wait outside until your appointment time as we may have a client with us . There is a seat available right out front and we will let you in at your appointment time (or give you a call if we don’t see you!)