Back pain completely crushed your confidence leaving you constantly frustrated and stressed out..?

What if you could break the back pain cycle and go from pain to power in just 90 days?

Good news! You can. Let me explain…

We take frustrated and stressed-out people living with back pain and make them feel more capable, confident and in control than they have in years so they can do more and worry less.

If this sounds good to you, pop your details below and we’ll send you some more information and schedule a time to chat about how this program might work for you. If you want to know FOR SURE that this program is for you… Read on! 

P.S. As you can see there is a time-limit on this invite-only program because we’re kicking off in November 2023 so want to finalise our 10 participants well before then!

If these phrases have EVER come out of your mouth then this program is for YOU.

"Sitting all day at work is so bad for my back. But so is standing. Actually I just can't get comfortable in any position now I think about it."
Back Pain Sufferer
(Struggling at work)
"I slept terribly again last night. My back kept waking me up. It's going to be a long day I'm just exhausted all the time and can't even think straight!"
Back Pain Sufferer
(Struggling to sleep well)
"Sorry I just can't. No I've got a bad back I can't do that anymore so I'm going to have to sit this one out. But hey we'll catch up next time yeh?
Back Pain Sufferer
(Missing out on things they enjoy)
"I just wake up stressed every single day. I feel like I have no control over my own body any more like what if I wake up and my backs 'out' and it ruins all my plans?!"
Back Pain Sufferer
(Living with daily anxiety)
"I've gotta book a treatment in my backs killing me. Yeh I went last week and it felt great for a day or two but it's completely cooked again. Wish it wasn't so dam expensive but I need it."
Back Pain Sufferer
(Feeling the financial pinch of ongoing treatments)
"I've tried resting, I've tried rehab, I've tried drugs at this point I've seriously tried it all so I guess this is just my life now. Why me?!"
Back Pain Sufferer
(Feeling hopeless and giving up)

Here's 3 things you've already tried that haven't worked ( I right?)

"I hurt my back so I booked in to see the GP. They told me to just take these pills, go home, rest and ice it. They didn't really tell me much else. It was still sore 3 weeks later so I went back and they referred me for a scan which told me I had arthritis in my back and a few disc bulges so I had to keep resting. It's been months, if anything it feels worse."
Went and saw your local GP
"Yeh I joined the gym and I got a free consult with the trainer there and they said they'd set me up with a good program. It was great I got maybe 3 sessions in and then WAM completely stuffed up my back again. I told them it was sore and they didn't listen. Anyway I'm cancelling my membership."
Hired a PT or joined Group Fitness
"Yeh I seriously love it like I get to go in and just lie down and it feels great. I pull up a little stiff and sore but they said that's ok it feels great for a couple days! They said I need to see them every week until it settles. They gave me a couple exercises but I can't remember them tbh."
Allied Health Pro's (Physio / Chiro / Osteo)

BackStrong Blueprint™ 

👋 Hi I'm Matt. Let's change all that.

With over a decade of experience, Matt has helped thousands of clients find sustainable ways to improve and maintain their health by showing them a safe way to get started and supporting them to find out exactly how much they’re capable of.

His extensive and well-rounded approach combines all the tools he’s gathered through his professional career as well as his personal experience with chronic back pain and teaches them to you in a simple, understandable way.

Matt’s Qualifications:
– Bachelor of Biomedical Science
– Bachelor of Clinical Science
– Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)
– First Principles of Movement Provider
– Certified Biomechanics Specialist
– Certificate III/IV in Fitness
– ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist
– Qualified Ergonomic Assessor
– Practicing Health Coach

BackStrong Blueprint™ 

Only 10 People Will Be Invited.

Why only 10? Because back pain is such a complex and frustrating issue that I want to make sure that I get to spend time with you individually as well as our fortnightly LIVE group calls (where I answer any questions and guide you through the program).

If you’ve been told by other people that you CAN’T DO SOMETHING – This program is for YOU!!!

Far too often we hear stories about people who experience an episode of back pain and immediately get told to stop doing everything they love!

You won’t hear that from us. This program is about creating the right environment and plan to get you back to all those activities.

Backstrong Blueprint™

So What's Included..?


Inside your online client portal you get 6 months access to my simple 3-step BackStrong blueprint program; including your very own workbook and resources updated weekly including:

  • Mini masterclass lessons
  • Walkthrough videos of each step of recovery
  • 15+ plug & play templates to fast track progress
  • Self-assessment tools with video guidance
  • Quick guides (emergency flare up plans, ergonomic cheat sheets, mobility routines etc)
  • Additional resources on sleep, nutrition, goal setting, pain management and much more..!


  • Fortnightly group Q+A calls
  • 1:1 components (varies on program level)
  • Fortnightly review + checkpoints before progressing
  • 24/7 chat access to me during the program

Backstrong Blueprint™

Our Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re sick of having your life on hold and ready to live a life with less pain, less anxiety and more predictability then we’re here for you. Not only that, we’re so confident that If you show up, put in the work and by the end of the 90 days you don’t feel 10X more capable, confident and in-control then we’ll give you your money back