Longevity Project Australia™ 

Integrative Health Coaching

Our signature 6-month Coaching Program: Longevity Project™ aims to inspire and guide Australians towards happier, healthier lives by delivering holistic, science-driven programs promoting self-care, prevention and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Longevity Project Australia™

What is the health coaching difference?

Unrivalled Support

The typical program in the health and fitness industry is lack of support. You might spend as little as 0.03% of your week with a healthcare professional and then you’re on your own! Within our program you receive uncapped care and consistent support.

Collaborative Team

There is no confusing or conflicting advice, because we’re all on the same page. Within our program, all of our Health Professionals are dedicated to working together towards the same goal (yours!) all accessible through one-point of contact. 

Real People. Real Results.

Matt has been a wonderful coach to partner with. Over the last three years he has been fundamental to enhancing my physical health and wellbeing. He is a great person to boot!

Mark. 45. VIC

Matt’s wealth of experience and knowledge of health, anatomy, exercise rehabilitation and nutrition is far beyond your average coach. He cares about each individual client and is thoroughly invested in their health goals.

The way he plans, sets and assists in achieving goals, makes him one of the best health professionals out there.

Renee. 30. VIC

I have had chronic injuries which have prevented me from running, something that I really really love! Previous Osteo’s/physios have suggested I look for an alternative sport - however Matt has worked with me to rebuild strength and improve my mobility and get me back to doing what I love! My hip and back pain has decreased very quickly and I haven’t felt this good in years!

Hannah. 33. VIC

Matt is fantastic. He really takes the time to understand you and then work with you to achieve your goals. He's super patient and ensures that you achieve the optimal outcomes. Thank you for all that you do Matt!

Heshan. 37. VIC

Longevity Project Australia™

how it works


The thought of starting a health journey can be incredibly overwhelming. By finding out what’s holding you back and creating a clear path forwards for you, the complete clarity this gives you creates confidence and endless motivation. 


Success is a team sport. Not only do we collaborate with you, but we collaborate within our own business. That’s what’s unique about us. You get access to a team of experts all working together to guide you towards your goals.


We’re fully aware that when you work with Health Professionals, you spend 0.03% of your week with them. The key to creating a successful and sustainable health transformation is how well we can teach you how to get results for yourself.


Payment Plans Available
$ 2,500
6-month full access
  • 90min Initial Consultation
  • Personalised Health Plan
  • Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support
  • Extra 1:1 Support 1st 4 Weeks
  • Weekly Check-Ins (SMS/Email)


Payment Plans Available
$ 4,000
6-month full access
  • Includes ALL COACHING Plus:
  • Integrative Team Access
  • 1:1 Sleep Specialist Support
  • 1:1 Sports Dietitian Support


Payment Plans Available
$ 5,499
6-month full access
  • Includes ALL HOLISTIC Plus:
  • DNA & Biomarker Testing
  • Lab Test Result Analysis
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner

Longevity Project Australia™ 

the new way in healthcare

We believe that age is inevitable, but “getting old” is optional. You have the power to prevent, delay, and even reverse this process! 

The “Old” Way = Reactive healthcare. Wait until you’re sick, patch you up and send you packing. It exists to prevent death, manage disease and suppress symptoms.

Our New Way = Proactive and preventative. We don’t wait until you’re sick we start today using the 4 main pillars of preventative medicine:

  • Exercise (Movement)
  • Nutrition (Fuel)
  • Mindset (Stress Reduction)
  • Sleep (Recovery)

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for information about our signature healthcare program? Browse the most commonly asked questions below.


What does the program include?

Creating the behaviours and lifestyles that sustain long-results results takes time. That’s why we’ve created this program to give you the personalised support and guidance you need to make the changes stick. The program includes:

– 6 months Uncapped Care
– Dedicated Health Coach
– 2hr Initial Consultation
– Collaborative Health Expert Team
– Access to World-Class Technology
– Personalised Plan & Resources

* Payment Plans & Telehealth Available

Yes – this program has been designed with your best interest in mind. Chronic or ongoing health issues take time to solve! Our programs designed based on years of experience working with people and seeing what does (and doesn’t) work.

When you opt-in to our higher level programs, you get the opportunity to add our Sleep Specialist or Dietitian to your personalised health plan for free. This means you get monthly 1:1 support and direct access throughout the 6-month program. When you opt-in for collaborative care, this additional expert will be added to your WhatsApp group – success is a team sport, and we want to give you the best team possible!

One of the most valuable aspects of our Integrative Health Coaching is the concept of “uncapped care”. This means that you will always have direct access and support from your dedicated Health Coach. We use WhatsApp to maintain consistent contact throughout the duration of the program. Once you’ve completed the program, this chat will remain open for any general questions you may have.

Yes – we work with people all across Australia (and occasionally overseas). The flexibility of our program allows us to deliver sessions remotely (via telehealth) and provide ongoing support using WhatsApp. If you do live in Victoria, we do encourage you to come into the clinic for your initial consultation if possible, simply because it’s nice to meet in person!

A health coach is the expert at helping people make positive and sustainable life changes to their health and wellbeing. Most people don’t suffer from a lack of information, they just struggle to apply the information and change their habits. That’s where your coach comes in! Your health coach helps you celebrate wins, problem-solve and navigate challenges and continues to provide the guidance, motivation and accountability you need to create real change.

As you’ve probably unfortunately already experienced, quick-fixes and short-term treatments don’t work in the long-term.

The traditional approach in healthcare is to just manage the symptoms rather than help you solve the root cause of the problem. We’re interested in helping you get results that last, not another bandaid solution. This takes time. One of the biggest advantages of this program is that we can modify or adapt your personalised plan quickly. Rather than waiting until “the next available appointment” to discuss what’s happening.

From pain and struggles to health and performance! At the end of the 6-month program, you can opt to continue on a month-by-month bases or re-sign for another in-depth 6 months of support. We’re interested in helping you unleash your full potential and continue to create new health goals. Most of our clients / patients continue on for 18+ months! Our WhatsApp group will stay open for any general questions.

Currently all initial consultations are run by our Founder and Allied Health Practitioner – Dr Matt Corbin. These appointments run for ~90min and can be done in-clinic or remotely via telehealth if needed. The goal of these consultations is to put together all the pieces of the puzzle and get a complete picture of your health history.

Prior to this consultation you will be asked to fill in a medical history form, this allows us to focus in on specific aspects during the consult and ask appropriate follow-up questions where needed. If you have any additional pieces of information or questions, by all means bring them to your session and Matt is happy to explain and discuss everything with you. By the end of the session, Matt will formulate a personalised plan based on your current situation and your health goals.

You’ll walk away from this session with a clear direction and understanding of what’s going to be done over the next 6+ months. You’ll also probably have a good sense of motivation and optimism about what this year holds for you!

Follow-up sessions are typically ~30mins. Each session is designed to discuss wins, navigate obstacles or challenges and continue to ensure effectiveness and progress of your personalised health plan. If we need to address anything or make changes, we will.

As we’ve mentioned, the traditional healthcare approach is to “wait and see” and react to symptoms. We’re pioneering the shift towards a proactive and preventative healthcare system that empowers individuals, promotes early intervention and improves the quality of life for all Australians.

Our job is to deliver a holistic, science-driven program that promotes self-care, prevention and sustainable lifestyle choices. We’re not here to provide another quick-fix approach that leaves you stuck and frustrated.


How much does the program cost?

The program costs anywhere between $1,287.00 – $5,150.00 and includes:

– 6 months Uncapped Care
– Dedicated Health Coach
– 90min Initial Consultation
– Collaborative Health Expert Team
– Access to World-Class Technology
– Personalised Plan & Resources
* Additional 1:1 Dietitian/Sleep Specialist Access
* Advanced Laboratory Testing & Results
* Functional Strength Scorecard
* Payment Plans & Telehealth Available

* Depends on which program support level you select

All contact with your coach, additional health professionals and laboratory testing is included within your specific program fee. Other costs associated will only occur if opting in to additional services ie. extra health professional support or additional laboratory tests.

As of January 2024, only parts of your program fee can be claimed on Private Health Insurance (Osteopathy). Typically this will include your initial consultation and certain follow-up appointments with an Allied Health Practitioner.

To confirm your application, we require you to complete a client agreement form. On this form you are presented with the different support tiers and payment options. If you choose to pay in full (10% discount), you’ll be redirected from this form to our payment partner Stripe. Here you can make your full payment online.

If you select the payment plan option, you’ll receive a direct debit request via SMS/Email from our debit partner PayAdvantage and we will arrange monthly payments.


Where is the clinic located?

The clinic address is:

Shop 1/11 Indra Rd, Blackburn South VIC 3130
(You’ll see the sign on the door!)

Typical hours of operation are 7am – 5pm Monday-Friday

However, we are an appointment-only based clinic so please book ahead.

Yes – There is FREE all day parking available right outside the clinic.

As we are a small, appointment-only based clinic we do not currently have a reception area. Please wait outside until your appointment time as we may have a client with us . There is a seat available right out front and we will let you in at your appointment time (or give you a call if we don’t see you!)

Longevity Project Australia™

This Is Our Promise To You

We’re in the midst of an inactivity crisis that’s accelerating age-related struggles at an alarming rate. While modern medicine has extended our average lifespan, it hasn’t improved our average healthspan—the years lived without disease or disability. In other words, we’re living longer but not necessarily healthier. Science tells us we’re getting older, younger.

At Longevity Project Australia™ we promise to be your trusted partner in your journey towards a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

Our dedicated team of Qualified Health Professionals is committed to a well-rounded, science-backed approach that empowers you with the tools, knowledge and support you need to reclaim your life and continue to thrive for many years to come. We understand it’s not about us. It’s about you.