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Are You Tired Of Being Tired?

Introducing our Signature Sleep Coaching Program: Sleep Rx. Our proven science-backed system to have you leaving your sleep struggles behind and go from exhausted to energised in 90 days with the guidance of our resident sleep pro: Carla Butler.

Sleep is the cornerstone of health and yet it is often glossed over by health professionals. We’re going to change that. Wondering if the program will work for you? Just read some of the glowing results Carla has achieved with her clients to date!

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“I've always considered myself to be a good sleeper however I am someone who is a big believer in optimising my performance and I wanted to take it to the next level. When I first met with Carla I was unsure how beneficial this would be as I thought myself to be quite advanced already, I love being surprised! Carla took my sleep to the next level through, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carla, with all weekly consultations, email debriefs and check ins. I've implemented her teachings as part of my daily routine and have super energy to keep up with my work in real estate, family and continuing to perform at a high level of sport. Thank you Carla!”
Anthony G
Coaching Client
“Carla is the lovely and very knowledgeable lady who runs this show! I’ve been following her for some time and finally signed up for her Sleep Workshop this week. It was incredible, we went through all the factors and facts surrounding our individual sleep patterns and were provided with valuable tips and steps on how to improve our sleep routine and quality of sleep. I’ve started implenting the sleep plan we designed together and have seen improvements already! I’m really looking forward to the next workshop that Carla brings out.”
Bianca A
Workshop Attendee
“Carla is knowledgeable and passionate, and her approach is second to none. She takes the time to get to know you, listen to you, and she asks questions in a beautifully, genuinely curious way. I would highly recommend Carla for significant sleep issues, as well as to seek "minor" sleep, physical, or professional performance improvements. In fact, I did recommend her to multiple members of my family! You won't regret it :)”
Alex L
Coaching Client
“Carla’s gentle and professional approach put me at ease right from the start. I had a long term poor sleep routine and Carla was able to identify the issues and provide a wealth of alternatives around how best to start rectifying my sleep disorder. I can now fall asleep more easily and if I wake I can go back to sleep quickly. I feel confident that I am now in more control of my sleep! I highly recommend Ora Sleep Coaching.”
Suzy F
Coaching Client
“Carla has a true passion when it comes to sleep. I completed 12 weeks with her and as a shift worker and it has been invaluable. The improvements have been amazing and how I look at sleep has completely changed. Carla was extremely easy to talk and engage with. She is so supportive to your individual needs the entire time and even after. If you're having trouble with your sleep Carla is who you want to be working with. Thank you so much for all your help.”
Lauren L
Coaching Client
“Your genuine passion regarding sleep and wanting help people really shines through. You’re very easy to connect with, if we lived close I’d have want to do weekly catch up with the dogs and coffee, I could talk with you for hours! You're almost a little therapist, but also bring it back on track really well and it’s subtle, not aggressive at all. And I like that you never need to rush off. Thank you again.”
Katie L
Coaching Client

What's Included?

Pre-Coaching Screening and Sleep Questionnaires
Start your journey towards progress from the very first session. Our pre-coaching screening and sleep questionnaires will not only determine your current status but also provide your coach with valuable background information. Get ready to embark on an exciting transformation!


3 x 40 Minute Coaching Sessions (across 6 weeks)
Experience the power of personalized coaching with three impactful sessions spread over a span of six weeks. Our carefully designed schedule ensures the ideal balance, allowing you ample time to make meaningful changes without feeling overwhelmed. Get ready to achieve incredible results at your own pace!


Coaching Support via WhatsApp

Unlimited support, motivation, and accountability await you between coaching sessions. With direct access to your coach via WhatsApp, you’ll receive the guidance you need to stay on track and overcome any obstacles. Say goodbye to doubts and hello to a supportive partnership that propels you towards success!


FREE Access to the SleepSpace App

Discover the ultimate sleep companion that enhances your progress. Gain free access to the revolutionary SleepSpace app, equipped with a sleep diary and journal to monitor your progress (free for 30 days). Plus, your coach receives the data to provide you with even deeper insights for your coaching experience. Get ready to unlock a world of restful nights and revitalized mornings!


Education Portal

Ignite your understanding of the science behind sleep with our information-packed education portal. Immerse yourself in self-paced, science-based videos that unravel the mysteries of sleep. Discover the “why,” “what,” and “how” of all things sleep, empowering yourself with knowledge that will forever transform your relationship with rest. Prepare to become a sleep connoisseur!