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Discover the heart and soul of Longevity Project Australia™. Our unique in-house collaboration is what sets us apart from the competition, yet also allows us to fill-in-the-gaps where we’re most needed in your health goals.

Our Founder Dr. Matt Corbin has put together a dream team of Health Pro’s all working together to get you lasting results. By combining forces to address The Four Pillars of Health, our program offers a holistic, science-driven blueprint to living a longer, healthier life and returning to all the activities you love most. 

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Longevity Project Australia™

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Longevity Project Australia™

Dr Matt Corbin

Founder of The Longevity Project™ and your Head Coach for the program. Think of Matt like having your very own Health & Performance Manager.

After spending 15 years guiding people from A to B, he knows a little something about what goes into a successful transformation.

Matt is not only a Qualified Osteopath, but with additional degrees in Biomedicine, Biomechanics, Personal Training and Sports Nutrition, he’s a true all-rounder of the health industry.

Having played competitive sports, dealt with multiple surgeries, chronic pain and transforming his own health he knows the significance of movement, exercise and having the right mindset.

He’s recently stepped into the Corporate space delivering Seminars and quality Health and Performance Coaching to busy, stressed-out high achievers giving them the tools and the structure to get their health back on track.

Longevity Project Australia™

Hanah Mills

Hanah is our resident Dietitian with a passion for supporting her clients to not only achieve their goals, but enjoy the process along the way!

She understands that nutrition isn’t just about strict diet plans; it’s about finding the joy in that journey. She works with you to create an enjoyable and realistic meal plan.

Overcoming her own eating issues, both with disordered behaviours and misinformation online – combined with her experience as an athlete herself (CrossFit, powerlifting and endurance events) Hanah has a comprehensive understanding of all things nutrition.

If you’re worried that incorporating healthier meals into your lifestyle requires extra chef abilities – don’t panic! Hanah has confessed to us that her cooking skills leave much to be desired so if she shares a recipe, you know it’ll be time-efficient and easy!

Whether you’re fuelling for exercise, working towards body composition goals, improving your gut health or managing a chronic disease, Hanah has you covered.

Longevity Project Australia™

Carla Butler

Carla is our resident Sleep Expert and just like you, she also used to struggle with one of the most important human needs – sleep.

She worked a stressful, unenjoyable job and was constantly tired, emotional and strung out.

She drank nightly to “de-stress” and would lie awake for hours watching the clock, anxious about how much sleep she WASN’T getting!

Her relationships suffered, she was emotional, unreasonable and small things would set her off (she hadn’t even realised how this would effect her later in life yet).

After spending years trying all the hacks and with no consistent results, the reality of her sleep issues became crystal clear when Carla’s dad passed away unexpectedly. She realised how similar their lifestyles had become…

Having successfully gone through her own sleep battles she’s come out the other side with the knowledge and passion to help others do the same.

Longevity Project Australia™

This Is Our Promise To You

We’re in the midst of an inactivity crisis that’s accelerating age-related struggles at an alarming rate. While modern medicine has extended our average lifespan, it hasn’t improved our average healthspan—the years lived without disease or disability. In other words, we’re living longer but not necessarily healthier. Science tells us we’re getting older, younger.

At Longevity Project Australia™ we promise to be your trusted partner in your journey towards a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

Our dedicated team of Qualified Health Professionals is committed to a well-rounded, science-backed approach that empowers you with the tools, knowledge and support you need to reclaim your life and continue to thrive for many years to come. We understand it’s not about us. It’s about you.