The Science Of Living Better Longer: The Future Of Healthcare

A Quick Overview:

We’re all in a constant battle against 8 opponents that we often can’t even see until it’s too late and right now we’re losing that battle. After reading this article you’re going to understand exactly why we created Longevity Project Australia™. This is the future of healthcare in Australia, we’re bringing the new age of Medicine 3.0 and combining it with our tried and tested 4-step process to help win the fight against pain, injury and chronic health issues that are cutting livelihoods and lives short.

Our Mission At Longevity Project Australia™

Whenever you start a new business it’s always important to “start with why” as Simon Sinek always says.

Our “why” is very simple. Last year alone there were over 5.5 million years of healthy life lost in Australia attributed to chronic disease or musculoskeletal pain. These aren’t just numbers; they’re a reflection of lives and livelihoods being prematurely cut short. We’re going to change that narrative.

We’re on a mission to reduce the number of healthy years of life lost due to premature and preventable disability and death. We believe that age is inevitable, but “getting old” is optional. You have the power to prevent, delay, and even reverse many of these processes that are taking over our population because science tells us that while we’re living more years we’re getting older, younger.

It’s All In The Name Really...

The term “Longevity” signifies the ability to last for a long time, and “Project” represents a carefully planned initiative aimed at achieving a particular goal. We want to create a population that is bursting with healthy longevity. In the era of quick fixes, hacks and shortcuts we’re playing the long game and we want results that actually last. We want people to feel capable, confident and in control so they can do more and worry less. We want people to live better, for longer.

8 Enemies We Often Can’t See

If you’re a movie buff or a UFC enthusiast you’ll appreciate these two concepts more but right now we’re all waging a constant war against eight opponents that often sneak up on us unannounced and when it’s too late. We’d call this a “coward punch” in Australia but the reality is, we can see these things coming much sooner than we think. They’re inevitable, but we can decide how fast they win.

So whether we want to refer to them as “The Hateful Eight” (for you Tarantino lovers) or you’d rather think of it as the Octagon that we’re all fighting in (for the UFC people) there’s no denying that there are EIGHT conditions that are responsible for the majority of premature physical limitations, disability and death on this planet.

We have the Top 4 conditions responsible for our physical decline and limitations keeping us in a “Musculoskeletal Prison” with back pain leading the pack as the top cause of disability in >160 countries.

  • Back Pain
  • Arthritis (joints)
  • Osteoporosis (bones)
  • Sarcopenia (muscle)

And we have the Top 4 chronic diseases aka “The Four Horsemen” that are responsible for 80% of deaths over the age of 50:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Cancer
  • Metabolic Dysfunction

I’m not going to expand on all of these here, that can be a future topic where we dive deeper but for now, I just wanted you to be aware that these are the things that we’re all fighting against. Also, I want you to be even more aware that you have the power to prevent and significantly delay the onset of all of these.

We’re going to show you how.

Build Unstoppable Momentum In 4 Simple Steps

After working in this industry for 15 years now and watching the transformation of thousands of lives we’ve boiled this process down into four simple steps: Mindset, Motivation, Methods, and Momentum. Let’s take a quick look at each step now.

Step 1 – Mindset: Change the way you think and what you believe is possible.

Your current assumptions, habits, beliefs, behaviours etc. have all been holding you back from having the health or life that you are saying you want. If we don’t identify, challenge and address these things then all of the following steps are redundant. You’ll be stuck in a loop with nothing to show for it but yo-yo or short-term results. This is not woo-woo or manifestation we’re talking about either. These are the straight facts and science that if we don’t start with your mindset you’ll never create lasting results.

Step 2 – Motivation: It’s possible to create an unlimited source of motivation.

How many times have you sat there waiting for the day you finally “get motivated”..? You are not alone. But unfortunately, the reality is that motivation actually comes second. Action comes first.

We love this formula from Jim Kwik: P x E x S3 = M or (Purpose x Energy x Small, Simple Steps = Unlimited Motivation)

We could dive into this formula for hours (perhaps in another post) but this is such a simple way of explaining motivation. Have a meaningful goal (purpose), emphasise your physical & mental well-being (energy) and just think about what the next small step is that will move you closer (small, simple steps).

So often we give up on our goals because of how big and overwhelming they seem. Remember this formula whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.

Step 3 – Methods: The action steps and the tools of change.

Most people know the methods depending on the situation. Losing weight involves a calorie deficit, eating more fruits and veggies and being consistent with an exercise plan. Building muscle means lifting heavier weights over time, eating enough calories and focusing on protein. These are just short examples.

I’ll admit, that it gets much trickier when we’re dealing with things like pain, injury or chronic disease. The methods become more complicated and are less universally known. But why do we struggle to get lasting results even when we KNOW the methods..? Most likely, it’s because they skipped steps one and two.

So when we’re dealing with even more complex issues the first two steps become even more important. You’ll never do your rehab exercises if you don’t think they’ll work, or you never think you’re getting better, or you’re stuck in the mindset that only hands-on treatments or surgery can fix you.

You’ll never emphasise sleep or make small changes to your diet if you can’t understand how they are connected to your goal. You won’t have the motivation to deal with setbacks (which are expected and completely normal by the way) if you don’t have a meaningful reason, the energy to follow through and a clear direction with small steps to get there. You can’t skip steps.

I think I’ve made my point let’s talk about the specific tools or methods that we use.

Dr Peter Attia is an expert in the field of longevity medicine and he coined the phrase “Medicine 3.0”. Essentially, our approach to medicine has changed and evolved over time.

Medicine 1.0: The time when we had absolutely no idea and we were just making stuff up. The Gods controlled things, it was very superstitious and basically, lots of crazy theories were tested and we made up explanations afterwards for why they did or did not work.

Medicine 2.0: The invention of the microscope helped us realise there was a tiny little world down there with things like viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that could all lead to infection and spread disease.

So between the cleaner, more sanitary practices and the inventions of drugs like penicillin and antibiotics we’ve gotten much better at keeping people alive. Things like trauma wounds and infections have drastically decreased and Dr. Attia refers to this as preventing “fast deaths”. Our lifespans (years lived) have essentially doubled from 40 years to 80 years in the last century. If we look at “slow deaths” however, causes such as the gradual build-up of chronic disease, our healthspans (years lived in good health) haven’t improved much at all.

So why is this? Well, Medicine 2.0 is reactive. It waits until there is a problem and its sole responsibility is to keep you alive. So it patches you up, manages the disease, suppresses the symptoms and then sends you packing.

Medicine 3.0: The next step and the future of healthcare. Proactive, personalised prevention strategies to allow better health into older age (IE. LONGEVITY). It’s a more holistic process that focuses on the patient (we call them clients), not the disease and creates an actual relationship based on guidance, support and accountability (IE. PROJECT). It has the tools to prevent, reverse or at least significantly delay the onset of chronic disease or musculoskeletal conditions.

The 5 main pillars or tools of this approach are:

  • Exercise (Physical Movement)
  • Nutrition (Fuel & Hydration)
  • Recovery (Sleep & Stress Management)
  • Emotional Health (Connection)
  • Exogenous (Drugs & Supplements)

These are the tools at our disposal that we’ll help you master so you can progress onto step four.

Take home point: We use and teach these tools in a proactive, preventative and personalised way to each person that we work with. Not everybody needs every tool. But, we don’t want to sit back and wait for something to break down, and if it does, we’ll have the confidence, motivation and tools to handle it.

Step 4 – Momentum: Having complete confidence in your ability.

Building unstoppable confidence is the product of completing the first three steps with consistency. With no limits on what you think you can achieve, an endless source of motivation keep working for it and the tools at your disposal, the next 20, 30, or 40 years are really up to you!

The Future Of Healthcare In Australia...

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Knowledge equals power”. Well… that’s only partly true.

Knowledge x Action = Power.

You can’t outsource your health. You’ve tried. You’ve thrown hundreds if not thousands of dollars at a health or fitness professional in the hope they’ll do the work for you and you’ll see results. It never works. You are solely responsible for taking action. The work has to come from you.

That’s why our Coaching and Education model works. Our focus is on guiding you, supporting you, and holding you accountable to the life you’ve told us you want to live and showing you how to get yourself there. We give you the knowledge and show you how to take action. Now that’s real power. That’s the secret.

We’ve already established that the future of healthcare is all about proactive, preventative and personalised ways to approach health. But it’s also about access. We want to make it as easy as possible to access this sort of healthcare.

We’re going to do this in three main ways:

If you’re interested in working with us, you can book a 30-minute call to discuss options.

There’s no catch, no sales pitch and no fee for this call. If we believe we are truly the best option to help you create the health and life you want then we’ll talk about what that looks like for you.

If we don’t believe we’re a good match, we’ll tell you. We’ll also recommend a better match.

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